DJ Redman

Real Name:
Danny Pearce

Genres Covered:
Old Skool Hardcore, Dnb & Jungle





Personal Website:
n/a but I run the unity 88.4 group on Facebook and admin on hardcore 91-94

DJ Biography Overview:
Basically got into this music at a young age as my older brother was best mates with Paranoia (DJ and MC from local pirate radio station, Unity 88.4). Bought some cheap belt drive decks, mixer, mic and strobe light and use to have all my mates over and we would spin choons over the weekends till we were old enough looking to go raving. First rave was Hell Raiser when I was 14 or 15, then never looked back, went raving about 2/3 times a month.

Love the pirate DJ’s, those that set up the rigs, aerials, risking their lives, their choons and decks from the DTI; just to play out music over the weekends, I have massive respect for that.

Only recently got back into the scene, around 97 I left it, and got into all different styles of music, Mental, Rap, Hip Hop, Indie and sixties stuff, then found DJ Hype Jungle Massive album, whacked that on about 3 years ago and fell back in love with it all again. Bought a few Controllers, which are great fun and last year picked up some decks and new mixer and now trying to mix just vinyl, and share my love for this special era of music 91 – 96.