Reason for DJ name: I noticed my old DJ name was being used, so saw Bakkus mentioned on a show called “Faking it” where it was used by a graffiti artist and went from there.

Real Name:Mitch Webb

DJ Biography Overview: I started playing around late 1991 after I’d been going to all nighters for around a year, but it wasn’t until late ‘92 that I started playing out – mainly at travellers raves in and around Nottingham and these led to a few club bookings.

Around ‘94 I felt the scene was going a bit stale so I went back to hip-hop and other genres of music.  I’ve only got back into my Old Skool about 2 years ago when I posted a little 20 minute clip of a live mix I did on Facebook – someone PM’d and asked me to send to his group on Facebook and about 2 weeks later it had over 4,000 views, so it got my brain ticking over again!

DJ’s you admire:Always been a huge fan of DJ Hype and Randall – they’re mix masters of the highest order!