Diamond G

DJ Name:

Diamond G

Reason you chose your DJ name:  

My surname is Diamond and my mates call me geez or geezer sometimes

Real name:

Russell Diamond


Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore, Nu-Skool Hardcore, Jungle Tekno, Oldskool Techno, Oldskool Dance Music, Drum And Bass (usually 97ish and backwards)

DJ Biography:

My background was as a time served raver and stage dancer, in my time as a dancer, we had residency at both Rezerection and Helter Skelter. I also danced for several techno p.a.’s. I always loved the music, knew all of the tunes inside out but had never spent enough time(or could afford decks)to master the craft.

My friend and hero who was the late Chris Kosiba aka DJ Ricochet was the best I can ever remember seeing play and I used to watch him in absolute awe. Chris played at Pandemonium and was touted as the next big thing back then. He also had a strong connection with Trouble On Vinyl Records and gets talked about in Clayton Hines Book “Mister Renegade” as well as being the founder of what became the legendary Urban Flava nights which hosted many of the top Drum And Bass DJ’s of the era. After he passed in 2009, I bought myself a set of 1200’s with the intention of doing him proud. It took me 20minutes from that day to master beat matching then once I had that down, I could already mix. My inspiration for playing style is first and foremost - Chris. The other DJ’s which have influenced my playing style are Ratty, Carl Cox, Easygroove and Ellis Dee. Always leaned more towards aggressive cutting than silky smooth blends (although they still have their place in my sets). The most valuable lesson that Chris taught me was that a set should be a journey that the DJ takes you on. The music will always be more important than the DJ also. I have very little time for showboating.

Chris’s brother is one of my closest friends MC JFK and we still regularly roll it as a team

I currently am a resident DJ with TUNAGE and we play as a crew at our Club “Afrobeats” in Dundee currently on the first Friday of every month as well as take over nights at other venues. I am affiliated with Urban Flava which is Chris’s legacy and we intended to keep it that way with any events etc associated with this being focused around his memory. We at TUNAGE have a residency with KL Radio In The Mix with DJ Fritz taking care of the monthly DnB slot and myself looking after the weekly Oldskool slot. We also livestream as TUNAGE via the TUNAGE Facebook and YouTube platforms usually from Park 5 Studio in Dundee.

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