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Reason for DJ name: A really clever derivative of my name!

Real Name: Barrie Wilson

I left school when I was 15 and fortunate to land a job @ an underground vinyl record shop in Cardiff. It was there I practiced like mad to learn on the shops 1210’s. I soon became friendly with local DJs and event promoters so started my raving days from there.  Great memories.

Was more of the dance floor side of the decks most of the time. Had 3 children very young so put all that raving and DJ’ing to a stop. Picked it all back up again in 2010. Started going out raving again bought some Vestax turntables and controller. More practice!!!!, practice!!!, practice!!!.

In 2016 I managed to jointly put on a night in Stevenage where we donated the ticket sales to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Playing alongside SY, Ellis Dee and DJ ForceThe event was so popular that we did a second event in Bedford playing alongside Krome and Time plus many more legends. Due to the success of “THE BOX EVENTS” We were able to put a MEGA line up on Tango & Ratty B2B 90 mins set, With Pilgrim.