DJ Crucial

DJ Name - DJ Crucial

Reason you chose your DJ name ? - I have always wanted to run a pirate radio station, looked in a Thesaurus and saw another word for vital, hence the name come about.

Real name - Jay

DJ Biography / overview  

I have always had a interest in music, heavily influenced by my Granddad and Uncles, due to this I had a stereo system from a young age. I got hooked on the Old Skool sound thanks to the pirate radio stations that use to broadcast in East London, after getting bored of the commercial ("Poptastic, not arf!") style stations.

I started at home as a bedroom DJ from the age of 17. In my early 20's I use to do radio on Yahoo and eventually started doing internet radio. I progressed on to clubs and held many residencies and still hold 2 Commercial Venues till this day one in London and one in Crawley.

I also entered Slip Back In Time's MixFactor 2020 in 2019, which is a chance to play Old Skool in Ibiza. I had to submit a 30 min mix, which I done off the fly. I am currently one of the 10 finalists which is exciting times, and is great recognition for playing Old Skool.

My dream has always been to play on the FM dial, which I have done before on a couple of pirates in the London area, one having Technics 1200's which had a massive pitch range, but still managed it with Time Coded Vinyl. Although the FM dial is great, with the progression of technology it is unfortunately a dying medium.

Having played for a few internet radio stations in my time I feel that Energy has the true essence of pirate which is what attracted me, also I love Old Skool and Energy is based on this. It's also nice after playing Commercial Venues for me to have a outlet to play what I enjoy.

My Favoutire DJ's / Artists :Ratpack, Slipmatt, Sean Fosten, Shaun Stribling, Dave Akehurst, Rugga D, Beatamaxx, DJ Paranoia, The Acid Brothers, Bicep, Urban Hype, Awesome 3, Trance & Maze (M Weller), Origin Unknown