DJ Fader

Reason you chose your DJ name? Like to hold on to the fader on the mixer and don’t mind a bit of chopping haha

Real name? Clark

DJ Biography / overviewGot into d&b through my older bro who in 93/94 was attending the infamous nights at Laserdrome in Peckham rye. Not being old enough or look old enough to attend any raves yet my time was spent listening to pirate radio (kool fm) and visiting and collecting flyers in the many famous record shops such as Blackmarket, Unity. It wasn’t until May 1995 I attended my first rave Desire at the legendary London Astoria getting in via my bros fake I’d and so the love affair with jungle was lit and was from then on I was raving most weekends.

I started picking up the odd record while visiting the record shops my first being FACE RECORDS. In Blackmarket in Soho and then it just snowballed to the point in late 95 I was pretty much hook on the black wax and buying as much as I could!Local record shop vinyl conflict in Bexleyheath is where I ended up buying most of my records from 96 onwards with the odd trip to section 5 in kings road during lunch breaks. But it was at vinyl conflict where I met good long term friend and DJ partner Jev & shop owner Special k. Wasn’t til around 98 that I started pushing some demo’s about to get some bookings here and there and in 2000 myself and special k started a Thursday night event in Bexleyheath appropriately called “Thursday night dnb” it was here alongside headline DJ’s and mc’s that good pal mc mirage recorded some sets