DJ Hubble

DJ HubbleReal Name:Andrew MillsPosition Held:Grand Master of the Nibbly-Squibbs (or just Resident DJ, if that’s easier)Genres Covered:Old Skool Hardcore, Nu Skool hardcore, Jungle (old & new), Liquid DnBMixcloud: Website:(not one for DJing, but if you need a promotional school film, I’m yer guy: Biography Overview:I started mixing hip-hop in the early ’90s on my mate’s decks, but after realising I was rubbish at scratching turned my attention to the hardcore scene. Got my first wobbly belt drives in ’95 and have been obsessively collecting vinyl since then. Now I mix on 1210s and a DDJ-RR, have an enviable collection, both vinyl and digital, and an empty bank account. Can be found mixing Old Skool Hardcore, Jungle and Drum n Bass at private parties