DJ Kryptonn

Every Thursday 9pm - 11pm

Reason for DJ name: Found out that Krypton is an actual element (not just something in the Superman films!) – I liked it and thought it sounded cool, so just put an extra “N” at the end to make it unique!

Real Name: Dave

DJ Biography Overview:Drum & Bass, Jungle and Old Skool Hardcore DJ. Grew up in Chatham listening to Cyndicut, Kool, Eruption, Rude and Force FM.  Started mixing Jungle and Hardcore in 1994.  Moved away from Hardcore in 1994 and focussed on Drum & Bass after 1996.

Moved to Southampton in 2001 and got bang into the techy side of Drum & Bass.Played out across Southampton for a number of years at Paradox, 222 Cartel, Paradise Club etc. Now play all styles of Drum & Bass and Jungle from 1993 – 2010.  Also play a bit of Happy Hardcore and some brand new Jungle.  All my sets are done with 100% original vinyl – no represses, no CD’s and no MP3.