DJ Mazzie

Every Sunday 2pm - 4pm

Reason for DJ name: Most friends call me Maz or Mazzie, so this seemed like a good choice!

Real Name:Maritsa Inglessis

DJ Biography Overview: I've had music in my life for as long as I can remember! Being introduced to a variety of genres (jazz, classical, funk, soul, disco) from a young age it's no wonder that I now have music everywhere I go.... literally.... even my bed has speakers!I love the feeling that music can give you and I've long admired the work successful DJs create so when I had the opportunity to own a set of CDJs (thanks DJ Mystery!), meaning I could try it out for myself, I took it immediately!

Sadly these stayed mostly unused for some time, apart from the odd "go" now and then. It was only when I was given the opportunity and my own weekly show on, that me DJing became a reality. I'm still learning and very much in the noob stages but I've now moved onto XDJs (thanks again DJ Mystery!) and I'm trying my best to play music that brings a bit of joy to everyone, and if they dance along, even better!

I'm really into house music, the piano-ey and vocal-y stuff mainly, but I also love D&B and jungle, as well as the more chilled/ambient D&B (anything on LTJ Bukem's label/s!).