DJ Stevie Does

DJ name - DJ Stevie Does

Reason you chose your DJ name "It's part of my catch phrase: ""Think Different. Stevie Does."""

Real name Stephen

DJ biography/ overview: I got bullied a lot as a teen because of my brain injury (I was shot in the head). During those years, I found a mentor named Ben who treated me like a normal person. Ben was a DJ, and he often invited me to get on his decks. A strong friendship formed, and I fell in love with vinyl. The friendship led me to connect with others in the industry; many of which I am still in contact with today. I can't see myself ever leaving the music scene. Other artists I admire are: DJ hype, Ed Rush, Marky, Shy FX, Peacemaker(Ugly Bill), R.A.W, Havoc, the Bulldozer, and Dara, just to name a few.