DJ Vix

Real Name:Neil Walker

DJ Biography Overview: Took a while to get into DJing,  it was around the time Peak FM was running in the mid 90’s that any serious attempt to learn was made.  At the time DJ Klimax and DJ Uneek were running Peak FM which eventually went on to become Phase Productions that put on several events around 1996/97 and picked up quite of lot of influence from them.  Skip forward and eventually got a set of 1210’s and for many years just played around at home.

Eventually a few things clicked and by chance again Klimax & Uneek gave the encouragement to get involved with Energy, just like they did with helping out with Peak FM or any of the Phase events years ago.

Have always liked the slightly harder beats, and spent a fair amount of time enjoying them around the country,  trips to  Fusion, Diehard, North Radical Technology, United Dance, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Vibealite\Pleasuredrome, World Dance, Bagleys, Club UK to name a few. Not forgetting the South Coast stomping grounds of the Manor in Bournemouth, Sterns in Worthing, and of course the local mecca of hardcore that was the Rhythm Station in Aldershot. It all added up to a crazy but unforgettable few years of raving!  

Regret…………… nah…… was too busy ‘avin it!Best event attended?  Probably Dreamscape 20,  DJ Klimax has a similar view on the madness of that night