John F

Reason you chose DJ namePretty obvious how it came to be (it would have been John B or JB but those were already taken! My mates used to call me John Blaze as a reference to an old hip-hop tune and some of my extended family call me John Boy which is where the B came from lol)Real Name:John FryerGenres Covered:Drum and Bass of most styles ew and old, I'm always trying to listen to new stuff but my collection goes mostly back to the early 2000s (digital and vinyl). Stopped buying records 2010ish as it was too expensive to carry on! I also play house music but that might be something I can look at later if it seems right.Twitter: Biography Overview/ DJ’s admiredI found my love for music relatively late, as a student in 2001 I bought my first set of turntables and some DnB records and threw some parties for my friends. My new found knowledge of the scene inspired me to listen to jungle music to see where this sound came from. I now enjoy DJing with a relatively open outlook on styles and age of tunes, as listeners to the shows will hopefully appreciate! My current set-up is a controller running Traktor Pro 3, I also have a Pioneer XDJ-RX which I occasionally spin house tunes on, and I still have my trusty decks and vinyl collection.