Sierra ONE

DJ Name  - Sierra ONE

Reason you chose your DJ name - It’s kinda meant to sound like a call sign.. There’s a hidden meaning too which shall remain a mystery

Real name - Gareth

DJ Biography / overview

Been listening to music since mid 80s when I was very very young.. developed a love of electronic and dance beats when I was all of 9 years old. 1990/1991 was the catalyst..hearing Hardcore Uproar, Charly by The Prodigy and Activ8 by Altern 8 set me off on the rave side of things which evolved to hardcore (my favourite era being 91-95).... In 93/94 at age of only 12 and with the aid of my “genius mate” and some electronics that created a very small AM transmitter signal (and I mean small) I played my early rave collection to anyone that was listening (no one)... not even sure it worked!

Evolved a love of House and Dance music all through this time which I moved more into 96-97 onwards..

All the time I saw spinning the tunes as something out of my reach, not sure why when I was constantly playing music. It was either on my stereo, headphones or on in the car everywhere I went..

Finally got some decks in around 2005 and wanted to learn properly... much practicing later and then being taught by the legend that is Red Rack’em (for those not in the know, fairly well known DJ and now successful producer so big shout to you!)

2007 I got a break and an opportunity to play a few times in clubs in Nottingham which was amazing.. work life unfortunately got in the way and this kinda stopped before it got started much to my regret so back to the “home DJ” I went..

2 years ago a friend who was covering a dance slot on his local radio station reached out to me for help on what to play.. putting ideas together for that set made me think “I could do that”.. got some up to date kit at the beginning of 2020 and just started practicing again.. and through Mr Spex a random opportunity to play on Energy occurred and happened in April 2020.. haven’t looked back since!

Heavily influenced (in no order) by New Order, The Prodigy, Altern 8, The Ratpack, DJs Slipmatt and Dougal.. Utah Saints, Underworld, Chemical Bros, Chicane.. More DJs.. Pete Tong, Dave Pearce, Richard Grey, David Guetta (before too commercial), Eric Prydz/PRYDA and more recently CHVRCHES.. plus an absolute boatload of other stuff from the dance and rave scene