Simon H

DJ Name:


Reason you chose your DJ name ?

I have a distinct lack of imagination/creativity :-)

Real name:

Simon Hunter

Genres covered:

House and partial to a bit of  90s Hip Hop & Indie.

DJ Biography / overview :

I've always had a passion for music, particularly electronic/dance.  I got my first decks during the first lockdown (encouraged by a DJ friend) and had a dabble.  With other things going on in my life I didn't play much in 2021 but dusted them off and started recording mixes.  Through a Facebook group I met Scott E C and we've become good friends.  He opened the door for me at Energy and I'm now loving playing on a regaular basis.  Still not played 'out' live but watch this space!  Who do I admire?  Steve James great DJ and lovely guy!