Reason for DJ name:First three letters from two nicknames

Real Name:Craig

DJ Biography Overview: Been dabbling with mixing since 1990/91 with old record players and tapes trying to re create what i was hearing on the rave scene mostly with Furious Tone! Invested in my first proper decks 1992/93 and never looked back,had a break in all aspects of mixing from 2000-2010 but since the digital revolution of oldskool started again rekindled my love, still going to this day 😁,Recently bought some turntables again and getting back in the habit of curbing my enthusiasm of record shopping .

DJ’s you admire: My inspirations over the years have been Dream Frequency, Altern8, The Prodigy, Sonz of Loop da Loop, SOR, Ultrasonic and Tango.Ratty, Ellis Dee, DJ Rap, Joey Beltram, SY, Seduction, Slipmatt, Carl Cox and TopBuzz