Reason you chose DJ name: Coz I stalk DJs

Real Name:Natasha Gabber

DJ Biography Overview:First off, let's make it clear, I'm not a DJ, will never be a DJ but I quite enjoy pretending to be one sometimes, and only sometimes!!!I have been involved in online radio stations for nearly 10 years……starting out as a punter but also taking onboard various PR roles…mainly stalking DJs and luring them to play a set on the radio for me to get all moist about….yes music makes me moist… is my life and has saved me.  True Story!!Initially starting out at Bass Generator Records Radio back in 2010 (I think) before soon moving to Onlyoldskool radio where I eventually progressed to the role of Administrator.  After leaving there in February 2019 I was head hunted by to take on the role of Station Manager.