Steve Marsham

Every Tuesday 7pm

DJ Name:

Steve Marsham

Reason you chose your DJ name:  

Used various DJ names in the past but now use my real name

Real name:

Steve Marsham

DJ Biography:

Been into the scene from back in the day going to  raves and events most weekends.  Started buying records every Saturday mainly from London, Romford and Hertford. Bought a Technics SL1210 and mixer in 1992 and learnt to mix with a tape deck before saving enough to buy my second 1210.  Was mainly a bedroom DJ playing to friends and played at some local events.

Had a break from DJing for a number of years due to family commitments but kept my decks and most of my vinyl.  Finally got back into mixing a few years back after getting a new mixer and started playing on Hardcore Vinylists every week, which I did for 2 years before playing on my first radio station in April 2020 during lockdown.

DJs that inspired me were DJ Randall, Hype and LTJ Bukem.