History 1991 - 2002

Energy 1058 started out as a pirate radio station back in 1991 broadcasting around Surrey and Hampshire, from various bedrooms and bedsits which belonged to the stations djs. The reason for it you may ask? To provide music that wasn’t being played at the time on legal radio locally.

Starting at the height of the hardcore breakbeat era, Energy would broadcast most weekends and throughout the week on 101.5 FM. At the time we were young, enthusiastic music lovers some as young as 15. We hand drew flyers and stuck them on notice boards at our schools and some in local record shops. During those early years the laughs were regular and the music was played often.

After a year we were taking our passion to a new level and at the end of 1992 ENERGY 105.8 FM was born. It was from here that things started progressing, more local djs joined the station, we upgraded our  transmitter to a more powerful one (which involved 2 djs and 1 girlfriend driving to London writing off his car and being stuck in South London blocking traffic, but we got our transmitter so nothing else mattered.

Locally Energy 1058 grew and grew to the point in 1994 we joined forces with a local rave organiser and put some parties on.

All was going smoothly until we had some technical issues and more frequency problems with new legal stations starting up on our dial. In 1995 we decided to have a little break and were off air for quite a few months. We did come back at the end of that year, but then sadly fell silent again until summertime 1996. After this point our transmitter decided to die on us and it would be more than 2 years before we would be heard of again.

In August 1998 on another new frequency of 107.3 FM, We had lost some djs who had retired, music had totally changed and we were that little bit older and not very much more wiser

We lasted a couple more years and then a lot of us went our separate ways. From the year 2000 Energy 1058 had become a very different station, playing a lot of UK Garage with many new djs but the odd old skool hardcore show still played here and there as a nod to our origins.

Energy 1058 stopped broadcasting Easter 2002 and that was that. A lot of us went off to do other things, other radio stations, some gave up djing, and some started a family.

UNTIL NOW......2018.........fast forward 16 years, 5 DJ’s and a re ignited passion for old skool,

ENERGY 1058 was re born!!!!!!!!!!!

The idea – with technology moving on, the need to tie aerials on roofs with shoe laces are long gone. We have brought ENERGY 1058 back as an online radio station. We plan to broadcast 24/7 bringing you Old skool hardcore, jungle, drum and bass and classic house (possibly more) focusing predominantly 88 to late 90’s the golden era of dance music.

Music Policy

The music we play on Energy is mainly old skool, ranging from Hardcore / Breakbeat / Jungle and Classic House.
We split the music into 2 sections, from 6am – 6pm we focus on the more mellow side of old skool where you can hear the best in classic House ranging from 1987 up into the 2000’s. Old skool Garage and back in the day funky beats.
From 6pm – 6am we step it up a gear to all the old skool Hardcore / Breakbeat / Jungle / Drum & Bass from 1991 to the late 1990’s.