Various Days and Times

Full name

Mitchell  Webb  

Genres played:

Mainly hard and dark drum and bass

old school (1990-1995)

Why did you choose your DJ name ?

It was after a graffiti artist called Baccus from many many years ago but is also the the name of the roman god who's 'power' was basically getting people drunk and letting them have a good time-lol

DJ Biography / overview / Bit about yourself and how you got into Djing and where you have played:

I got into Djing in 1990, acid house and then hardcore and into jungle/drum and bass.I then had around 20 years out but got back into the scene via the internet radio stations.Unfortunatly the DnB scene where i live is pretty much non- exsistent so i travel into Derby for nights out where I've met some of the most passionate people within the scene.

What or who are your influences to play what you play?

Too many to mention, but mainly every dj that takes time out of their busy lives to play a set on the radio, they buy vinyl/digi tunes on a regular basis and give their time free of charge.

What other intrests or hobbies do you have apart from Energy1058?

Carp fishing.

Also play on a few other stations.