Various Days and Times

Full name

Clint Ryan  

Genres played:

Oldskool 91 onwards

dark side 93

Atmospheric Drum and Bass  early to new

Drum and Bass  early to new

Hip Hop


Why did you choose your DJ name ?

I chose Clear-Cutz because my initials are CLR and I whent by Dj Clear. But then I found out that there was another Dj Clear in Canada and I know I was before him because of my age. That's when I decided to change it to Clear-Cutz.

DJ Biography / overview / Bit about yourself and how you got into Djing and where you have played:

I first started Djing in 92 round a mates flat, I wasn't very good but I wanted to get better, so I bought a pair of belt drive decks. A BST and a Citronic plus a 10 band eq Citronic mixer it was blue. I learnt on them and learnt quite quickly, in 3 months,  I used to dj up in Telford with my good friends,  I can't remember the name now but we were all over the Birmingham area, Wolverhampton and Telford. I got burgled in 97 and fell out of love for djing. Then moved to Telford with a couple of mates and 1 of them had Technics 1210's. I would normally use them. Then moved to Brighton in 2000 and used to mix at a variety of pubs and clubs. Ioved back on 2004 and had nothing but a few down tempo records but no decks. I bought my 1st set of Technics in 2015 got them serviced and still using them now.

What or who are your influences to play what you play?

My influences are LTJ Bukem, Ratty, Fallout , Tango

What other intrests or hobbies do you have apart from Energy1058?

I enjoy watching films, reading books, audio books I like a lot.