Darkside Takeover 29 oct 2023

29th October 2023

On 29th October 2023 Energy1058 held a


and it was a complete success,

The day was rammed with DJs from 9am to past midnight, the chatroom was full all day long and even reached it maximum capacity at one point.

If you missed it (where was you?) or just want to hear it again we've added all the links right here in one place for you to find.

theres also a link to the FB post if you would like to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Big shout out to Baza for getting this day arranged

Big shout out to Mazzie for the flyers

Big Shout out to Neil S for the insta video

Big Shout to the Djs:

Diamond G, Peso the medic, Bagpuss, Mogley, SK Mannerz, Neil S,

Horrific James, John F, King Chuga, Baza, Bakkus, Spooky Spill, Outmode.

and finally a big Shout out to all that tuned in or listened back.