Reason for DJ name: My initials are NS, DJ SS was one of my favorite DJ's and I thought it worked

Real Name: Nathan

DJ Biography Overview: Started DJing in 1992. First time I played out was at an Event called Future World at a local venue in 1994 aged 16. This was organised by a local shop that sold tape packs etc that wanted to run under 18's parties. In August 1994 at the 2nd Future World party, I met DJ Mystery who was running a local pirate radio station called Energy FM. We were blown away by this having wanted to start up / get involved in pirate radio for a while.

The Future World parties grew, and the shop involved in organising these eventually became Trademark records. The growth eventually led to a collaboration with Fusion and we were lucky enough to play at various Fusion / Future World parties including NYE 95 @ Ravedome, Hounslow, Club UN, Tottenham and the weekly Fusion residency at the Rhythm Station, Aldershot.

In 1995 I also started working in Trademark records which opened opportunities with various other promoters, such as Destiny@ The manor, Bournemouth and Alex from Adrenalin who was starting a new weekly club Adrenalin night in Basingstoke.  Being involved with Adrenalin opened opportunities with production as Alex lived with Sunset Regime. Mystery and I made two tracks with Sunset Regime in 1996 and these were released on his Pure Adrenalin label. I had further releases with DJ Fade on his pure Adrenalin label.

In 1997 I brought some studio equipment and engineered a few released tracks. A white label speed garage release with David Jay called Deep Pressure and a Jump up jungle track on Direct Drive recordings with Mystery & Step One.

In the late 90’s / early 00’s I got into the UK Garage scene and started releasing tracks on our own label Acetate recordings which I ran with David Jay. Some releases had some low key success. Plenty of pirate radio play and some national radio play on Kiss FM by Street boy / EZ and MJ Cole on his Radio 1 essential selection set in March 2000.

We still ran Energy FM in the early 2000's for a couple of years. After that it was the odd local old skool party now and again, until we re-launched Energy in 2018.