Saturdays 4-5pm

Genres played:

Drum & Bass upfront 2023 also  

2015 era onwards,

but all era's  including the occasional splash of 1992

Hardcore & 1993 Jungle Tekno. 1994 Jungle / 1995 Speed era etc.

Why did you choose your DJ name ?

My vinyl record label is called Horrific Recordings. My real name is James - so I put the two together when I launched Horrific Recordings in 2014.

DJ Biography / overview / Bit about yourself and how you got into Djing and where you have played:

Owner at Horrific Recordings (vinyl only) Established 2013 - Distributed by Unearthed Sounds.Since 2013 Horrific James played at some of London’s finest venues : FABRIC / VILLAGE UNDERGROUND / CORSICA STUDIOS / FIRE / LIGHT BOX / KACHETTE / WEST BANK MUSIC and across the UK he has touched down at LINDISFARNE FESTIVAL (The Temple) 2021. James is playing  at LINDISFARNE FESTIVAL (The Crypt) 2023.Selected Vinyl releases - THE ASSASSINATOR  Killaklan - Prototype Recordings - KILLAKLAN001 / TOO MUCH - Digital & Horrific James - Function Records - FUNCO38 / SAW DUST - J.Bionic & Horrific James - Fresh 86 - FRESH86161 / AMEN LONDON - Horrific James -Horrific Recordings - HORRIFIC011 Back in the day I played weekly on Londons Rude FM 88.2 from Chingford Mount Estate (squat) 2001 & onto East Finchley (squat ) 2002 as DJ Jess.This was graft with the whole  set up illegal ! breaking in to the building even plus theft of electricity gnarly stuff for D&B - even popping onto the roof at Highgate with the legendary Fugi. A Rude FM highlight was my back to back set with Fracture at the Stratford Rex BASS in 2001.  2023 James continues to run Horrific Recordings from Horrific HQ in Glasgow, with the next vinyl only 12” release by Newcastle D&B legend HIDDEN AGENDA dropping in late May.

What or who are your influences to play what you play?

I look to find tunes I haven't heard other Djs play from mailing lists I built up over the years. I make my own tunes and remixes to play. Back in the day In DON FM tapes 1993 to the last weekend Easter 1994 driving about 10p shouts taping from the car portable boom box. 1993 I studied DJ Ratty & LTJ Bukem going to Milwaukees you could get close to them watch for tips . When Ratty stopped playing out regularly I still saw Bukem once a year between 1993-2003 at Swerve/Ministry of Sound so I picked up on how LTJ Bukem approached stuff being down the front at The End Club etc on the rounded DJ booth listening and watching.

What other intrests or hobbies do you have apart from Energy1058?

Skateboarding. New York Subway Graffiti.