Full name


Genres played:


Drum & Bass,

Old Skool Hardcore,

Happy Hardcore

Why did you choose your DJ name ?

I found out that krypton is a real element, not just the place where Superman comes from! I liked it and thought it sounded cool as a DJ name, so just put an extra “N” at the end to make it unique and DJ Kryptonn was born.

DJ Biography / overview / Bit about yourself and how you got into Djing and where you have played:

I grew up in Chatham listening to rave tapes and pirate radio stations like Cyndicut 100.4FM. I started mixing Jungle and Happy Hardcore in 1994 on my big brother's turntables. In 1995 I got my own decks (cheap second hand belt drives) and learned to mix properly. In 1997, I focussed fully on Drum & Bass / Jungle and moved away from Happy Hardcore. In 2000 I got a pair of 1210's and started playing out at small events in Chatham. In 2001 I moved to Southampton and started playing for bigger events like Paradox, 222 Cartel and Slam. Now I play all styles of Jungle and Drum & Bass from 1993 – 2010, plus Old Skool Hardcore, Happy Hardcore and some of the brand new Jungle and Hardcore that's coming out. I never did any radio work back in the day, but in July 2019 I joined Energy1058 and I absolutely love playing music week in, week out on the station.

What or who are your influences to play what you play?

I get influenced by everyone I listen to. I love hearing different DJ's spinning different styles and techniques. Originally my main Jungle & Drum & Bass influences were Hype, Randall and the Cyndicut 100.4FM DJ's (DAZ, Majistrate, DJ Charge, Embee etc.). Later on, I was drawn to the darker style of Drum & Bass by the Rude 88.2FM crew (Facs, Dylan, B Key, Devastate etc.). On the Happy Hardcore side, I was influenced by Vibes, Vinylgroover, Slipmatt and Sy .

What other intrests or hobbies do you have apart from Energy1058?

In between work and family life, I'm a record collector and have been building my collection for nearly 30 years. All my sets are done with 100% original vinyl – no represses, no CD’s and no MP3. I also collect rave tapes, flyers, magazines and other rave memorabilia. I tracklist old sets and contribute them to rolldabeats. I also upload my old rave tapes and pirate radio tapes online.