No set day or time at the present moment....never say never though.

Full name

Wayne  Christie  

Genres played:

Dark Hardcore,



Breakbeat / Uplifting Hardcore and Techno

Why did you choose your DJ name ?

Back in the day my nickname was Crusty Christie. I changed the C in crusty to a K just like Krusty the Clown in The Simpsons.The K part was originally part of an old DJ name from the 90's... Original KAfter a 17 year old break away from the scene I was asked to play at a party by a friend I hadn't seen for years. After the party I got the bug for mixing again and decided to make a comeback reinventing my DJ name to KutMasterK.When I mix I like to chop beats/sounds/vocals across from tunes into another. Chop master didn't sound good. So after a lot of thought I came up with KutMaster instead as it sounded better and added the K at the end as a link to my early days as Original K. It's also old skool sounding with a nod to the original hip hop days of the 70's and 80's.... Unfortunately I can't scratch and wish I could as I'm in awe of the skill of scratching by the talent of the turntablists. If anybody has the patience to teach me please get in touch.

DJ Biography / overview / Bit about yourself and how you got into Djing and where you have played:

In 89/90 I went to my first rave and was instantly hooked on the hypnotic techno music that was coming out Belgium, the USA and other European countries and also the scene surrounding the music. I instantly started buying records and attending more raves. After watching and listening to the Djs craft their skills on turntables in the clubs I decided I wanted to learn how to mix. Like most people I started to learn on belt drives with a pitch wheel. As anyone who learnt on belt drives will tell you it is a fucking mission and you require a lot of patience and time. Once I'd exhausted the belt drives and got better at mixing I decided wanted the real mcoy.  In 92 I eventually got enough money together and bought my own set of 1210s.  I crafted my mixing skills to another level and I also started developing my own style and would spend hours creating mix tapes to play in the car at the weekend on the way to the raves. I played at a few sets at house party's and small local events but never got the break every DJ wants and dreams of... to play at a big event. I did however get involved in pirate radio and played on one of London's original pirate radio stations Flex FM in 94. I also played on another small relatively unknown station run by some friends called Future FM that was based around Epsom and Ewell in Surrey. I released a couple of records in 93 and 94. First one was a Darkside tune and the 2nd release was a couple of  breakbeat piano tunes and both were released on our own Faceless Productions label. They weren't overly successful and didn't sell well due to lack of experience and poor distribution. However we did re release the 2nd release via Underground Music around 3 - 4 years ago and it sold more copies than we did back in the day....bonusI drifted away from the scene around 97 when my eldest daughter was born and also because the scene had moved to a place that I had no interest In musically.Fast forward 17 years in 2015, and the party I was ask to play at. That party was the start of my new interest in mixing again. My decks were unboxed and my record collection was re discovered and I was transported back in time as crafted my mixing skills up a few more notches. I found out the scene was still bubbling under the surface and musically my interest was back. I started going to a few old skool events and joined an internet radio station called nu perception radio...a completely different experience to pirate radio. I stayed with them for a while and also played out my first proper event in a club that was hosted by nu perception radio After I left NPR I went on to play on other stations.... Lazer FM, Club Labyrinth Radio, London Pirate Radio, Kniteforce Radio, Only Old Skool Radio, Alpha Wave Radio and the  Darkside station Fright Night Radio.In the 8 years I've been back my record collection has grown ten fold and I have played out at a few more events. One of these events was a Darkside event called Army of Darkness and on the line up was the late, great and legendary Tango. Also on the line up was another legend Fallout and the musical master of Darkside Bizzy B. My Sister also hosted a few small events called Jungle Explosion and I played alongside London's finest, the  Jungle legend Kenny Ken and also The Captain aka Ellis Dee. I have also played at Brightons best Hardcore event, Calling The Hardcore back to back with another Darkside legend and good friend Dj FX. Also on the line up that night was another Darkside legend.....Ratty. The last event I played at was on the legendary Riverdance boat back in 2021 and if you haven't already attended it's a must... absolutely superb event.As I write this I'm now 54 and I've got to say we have a healthy scene musically with lots of amazing music being released by a long list of new talented producers and we'll known named producers from back in the day. I part own Deadbeat Records with Nick FX Richmond aka Shadowman and is the head honcho of Demonic Possession Recordings. I partnered with FX and we released the first tune for the label back in 2017 and sold out within 2 weeks. We have had a few other releases by other names and have all been equally successful. I am now currently working on some new tunes that'll be released on the label sometime this year. I'm finally getting the hang of Logic and how to use it along with some helpful tuition from Nick FX. Hopefully this is the start of the new chapter for the label that will move the it onto bigger and better things....so watch this space 🚀

What or who are your influences to play what you play?

I don't really have any DJ influences where mixing skills are concerned as I developed my own style. I only had favourite producers and labels. Some of my favourite labels areFormation, Basement, Sound Entity, Movin' Shadow, Kniteforce, N4, Bogwoppa, 3rd Party, Whitehouse, Legend, Cantina Cuts, Brain, Liquid Wax, Demonic Possession Recordings, 7th Storey Projects, Hectic, Stormtrooper, Burning Bush, Globex Corp,  Creative Wax, R&S, Rabbit City, Reinforced, Suburban Bass and many more.Some of my favourite Producers Tango, Fallout, Ratty, Jack Smooth, DJ SS, Wax Doctor, DJ Mayhem, Noise Factory, Secret Squirrel, Luna C, Pete Cannon, FX, Worldwide Epidemic, Jedi, Tim Reaper, Phantasy, Kid Twist, Bizzy B, Mad Dog, Pulse, DJ Ham, Doc Scott, Hype, Krome and Time, Ray Keith, Criminal Minds, Prodigy and many more to mention.

What other intrests or hobbies do you have apart from Energy1058?

Reading and listening to audiobooks, currently reading crime novels. Collecting new and rare books on music/bands I like. Going to watch some of my favourite bands live. You can't beat live music. I have an eclectic taste in music....I listen to Punk, Heavy Rock, Hip Hop, 80's synth, Folk, New Wave, Mod, Rockabilly/ Psychobilly, Goth. Buying and collecting vinyl.I also like spending time with the family, walking the dog.  Walking and discovering the local area whilst on holiday. Eating out. Visiting whiskey distilleries and local brewery's in the UK. Nothing exciting 😆