Mr Sheen


Full name

Sean  Gill  

Genres played:

D&B Liquid D&B Garage Nu skool breaks

Why did you choose your DJ name ?

My nickname at school was Sheen and because of the home cleaning product, I stole the name Mr Sheen.

DJ Biography / overview / Bit about yourself and how you got into Djing and where you have played:

I started buying records in 94/95 at a local shop. I got decks in 1996 (soundlabs DLP1s) I loved those decks. I played at friends parties and a few small gigs. I bought a 2nd hand pair of 1210s in about 98/99 (still got the same pair!!). I mainly was making Tapes/CDs for friends. I played on energy when it was on FM nothing regular but knew the guys that ran it. I continued playing small parties etc. I have played on 4 online stations and really enjoyed it. I still play a couple of parties but they are few and far between these days.

What or who are your influences to play what you play?

My mixing style (when my cross fader is working) was heavily influenced by LTJ Bukem, love the cuts etc he does, as well as his seem less mixes. I really like BCee as a DJ always a great tune selection. These 2 keep me in love with liquid D&B. In 2000ish I used to love listening to Andy C’s sets, soon realised I couldn’t mix like that but loved the tunes he played, the same goes for Mampi Swift. I also met C4C guys and used to go raving with them, they influenced what i played in 2006.

What other intrests or hobbies do you have apart from Energy1058?

Currently working is keeping me busy and doesn't leave me with much time. I used to go swimming a lot and plan to after this big project at work is over. Partizan (another energy DJ is currently doing a lot of work in my new home, will soon have a media wall to fit out in my living room, that will take a fair bit of time to finish!