Neil S

Every Thursday @ 8pm

Reason you chose your DJ name ? I started of with a few names and as time when on they either sounded childish, rubbish or another DJ was using the same name, DJ Force being one of them. So I went with my name so people knows its me

Real name: Neil Stivrins

DJ Biography / overviewI started Djing around 93/94ish I started with some crappy hifi turn tables and progressed up to some sound labs then onto 1210s. I started playing at a few house parties, I also started to take my records to the local roller skating rink every Friday with a friend (Dsp) and tried to play for an hour or so which worked most times.

I then started to play "speed Garage" at a few pubs and clubs in Leighton Buzzard for a while then I was asked to play at a garage night just around 98/99. this lasted for a few years and then things just stopped. I started to go to Technicality around 2005/6 and I fell back in love with Drum and Bass and managed to get a few sets there to, that was a big deal for me.

I started playing on an Internet radio station called PF Radio around 2006 then moved on to a station called Kunnin Minds that ended around 2008/9 and all went quiet until about a year ago when i started to play on onlyoldskoolradio and now on to this date.