Full name

Robert  Homer  

Genres played:

Oldskool Breakbeat HardcoreNuSkool Breakbeat HardcoreNuSkool BreaksDnB (All genres of DnB)JungleTechno (All genres of Techno)Acid HouseHard HouseUk Hardcore TechnoGabberHip HopElectro

Why did you choose your DJ name ?

My actual DJ name used to be Homeboy along time ago when I was playing alot of Hardcore Techno but there was another Homeboy from Portugal that was bigger in the scene at the time so I thought damn, I need to change my name. As I played alot of hard, fast music I thought yeah, OK I'll go with Overkill as I went in hard & fast all the time & people used to say to me bloody hell this is a bit overkill. Hence that's why I switched to that name.

DJ Biography / overview / Bit about yourself and how you got into Djing and where you have played:

Where do I start?!?! I got into DJing the same way everyone or most people did in the rave scene I guess. I went to my first rave at Lakota in Bristol when I was 14, admittedly I was into happy hardcore back then (Only for a few months). I was blown away with watching the djs chop around with music & blending in person rather than just hearing the mixing on a tape, it inspired me straight away & I just had to get a set of decks. As all starter packs go I had a set of nu-mark belt drives, god those things were hard to use but hey we can't all be blessed with technics at that age with little money. The more raves I went to the more change in music that I discovered. I started playing the harder styles which was a passion. I bought my first soundsystem for doing illegal raves & club events at the age of 16, travelling all over the UK & Europe playing all the big raves. A few years later I started doing my own events with the crew, System Feedback, which were solely for soundsystems all over the country to be part of. Next event I started doing with the crew was Keep Bristol Techno, a name that came from one of my good friends RogueArt, solely & strictly Techno. We also done a few oldskool events called in effect. I have played at North, Fantazia, Drum Disciples, Hard to the core, Boomtown, Balter, In effect, Keep Bristol Techno, Vinyl Destination plus 100s more smaller brands.

What or who are your influences to play what you play?

My biggest influence as a DJ has got to be The Dj Producer. The man has covered every aspect & genre of dance music possible, completely breaking the boundaries of all genres he touches. My influences for oldskool breakbeat hardcore has to be my mates dj gripper, dj rascal & dj deception. They are proper oldskool & we're there when it all started. I envy them with a slight bit of jealousy as I wish I was born for that era of the music scene. But yeah that's pretty much my influence of what I play.