Every Thursday 6pm - 7pm

DJ Name: Rizzo

Reason you chose DJ name: Early nickname that just stuck!

Real Name:Rhys Jones

DJ Biography Overview/ DJ’s admiredBeen Djing since i was 17 where i started learning with belt drives, before buying a set of 1210's.First caught the bug though when I was 12 listening to Dreamscape and other rave event tapes. The different styles of music just blew me away and it still does to this day.

Been to many a Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Hardcore Heaven and more, and even put my own event on in my hometown of Barry with some friends, in which we got the legendary DJ SY down when we were 18 or so. I did drift from the scene as it got more and more watered down and fairly monotonous in what was being produced. That pushed me the way of the so-called super- clubs scene, where I got into the trance and hard house side of things.

I've played at events in Barry, Cardiff, Stevenage, Bedford, Bristol and was a regular on the lineup for The Box.

Played on Onlyoldskoolradio before I found my place, I believe, on The Energy.

DJ's/ Producers that have inspired me the most are Sy, Brisk, Ramos, The Producer and more recently Pete Cannon and DJ Jedi. I love the old skool - but I believe that the newer stuff being produced is phenomenal.